Welcome to Elite Smiles Consulting, where my mission transcends beyond the basics of dental hygiene and delves deep into the heart of the profession. My journey, like many of yours, began with the rigorous preparation for the NBDHE. I’ve navigated the extensive material, the late-night study sessions, and the overwhelming pressure that comes with balancing life’s unpredictable changes, including bouts of depression and self-doubt. I understand because I’ve lived it—I’ve purchased every book, attended every summit, and faced every challenge head-on. This personal experience fuels my dedication to guiding Dental Hygiene Students through this daunting journey. You’re not just learning to clean teeth; you’re mastering a craft that demands extensive knowledge and resilience. The NBDHE may seem insurmountable, but with our personalized tutoring, tailored study calendars, and comprehensive resources, I’m here to light your path to success.

Transitioning to professional practice is another mountain to climb, and for New Graduates and seasoned RDHs, I bring firsthand experience from every corner of dental hygiene practice. Having worked in corporate settings, private practices, as a traveling hygienist, and in temporary assignments, I’ve felt the pressure to meet goals while safeguarding my license and ensuring ergonomic practices to prolong my career. Understanding the need for financial freedom and the dream of a graceful retirement, I’ve compiled my insights into an ebook designed to help you generate a six-figure income, empowering you to retire on your own terms.

For Dentists, my support extends into your realm as well. My comprehensive background in both clinical and administrative aspects of dental practices positions me as a valuable ally. I aim to bridge the gap in patient care and sales while fostering an environment that retains strong, motivated employees. Elite Smiles Consulting is here to enhance every facet of your practice, ensuring longevity, profitability, and a harmonious workplace.

At Elite Smiles Consulting, we’re more than a consulting firm; we’re a community of professionals dedicated to elevating the dental hygiene profession. Whether you’re a student facing the NBDHE, a new graduate navigating the complexities of the field, or a dentist striving for excellence in practice management, I’m here to support your journey towards achieving professional greatness and personal fulfillment. Together, we’ll turn challenges into victories and aspirations into realities.

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