Ok now don’t judge me….After struggling with the NBDHE and not passing 3x, I finally stumbled upon JassiTheeRDH Oral Bible and Mastering the NBDHE ebook, both ebooks were defiantly game-changers for me. I say this because I’m to much of a thinker. Her book is cut and dry straight to what you need to know, it’s either you know it or you don’t! I wish I had discovered these gems sooner instead of wasting time and money on countless seminars and other books. Highly recommend 10 out of 10….to any DH student looking for a straight path to pass, BUY IT!


From TN

As someone who's taken the NBDHE twice, Save yourself the hassle of navigating through multiple resources; these guides are all you need.” That is all I have to say =) …..THANK YOU JAS!


From IL

Jassi I’m renaming 'The Oral Bible' “ The Cheat Sheet and 'Mastering the NBDHE' “ The Sequel” hahahahaha. They cut through the clutter of other materials I had amassed, making my preparation efficient and effective. A must-have for anyone serious about acing the boards to become an RDH. (I want a % if you rename these books, I know you got it!! LOL, luv TayTay


from Texas

I was on the verge of giving up after failing my boards by 3pts. Then, I discovered Mastering the NBDHE.' That eBook is nothing short of miraculous, transforming my study approach and boosting my confidence. The focused content and streamlined strategies were exactly what I needed. It literally a list of like 20 questions on each subject with like bullet points you need to know and I was like OMG I remember this on my boards asking me this in I didn’t know!!!! The real deal for anyone aiming to conquer the the boards for dental hygiene. It’s like a check- off list.


From SC

I purchased Tier 2, 2 weeks and 3 days before my boards and THANK GOD I did b/c I would have failed. The check off list made me go look for information that i didn’t think of reviewing.


From Illinois

JassiLovely your really are the RDH GOAT! I started traveling DH because of you!!! I love how you are so humble in what you do and you really are here to help, I’m amazed at how much direction you have given me in I’ve been in the game 10 plus years, young lady you are going FAR!


from Pennsylvania

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