For Dental Hygiene Students

Are you gearing up for the NBDHE, Look no further! Our platform offers personalized tutoring, meticulously designed study calendars, and an array of resources tailored to ensure your success. Our mission is to transform your hard work into triumph, making the path to your dental hygiene license smoother and more efficient

E1: Dental Hygiene Student Clinic Planner

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Designed specifically for the ambitious dental hygiene student, this Clinic Planner is your essential companion for clinical practice and beyond. It’s packed with tools and guides to streamline your learning and patient care. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Assessment Guide: Tailored for dental hygiene, this guide helps you perform thorough evaluations, ensuring you grasp every detail needed for comprehensive patient care.
  • Periodontal Guide: Dive deep into periodontal health with a guide that covers assessment, treatment options, and patient education, all from a dental hygiene perspective.
  • Medical History Guide: A systematic approach to gathering and interpreting patient medical histories, crucial for safe and personalized dental hygiene practices.
  • Patient Intake Form: Efficiently collect all necessary patient information right from the start, setting the foundation for effective treatment planning and care.
  • Patient Calendar: Keep track of appointments, treatments, and follow-ups with an easy-to-manage calendar, helping you balance your clinical requirements and academic schedule.
  • Notes Section: A dedicated space for detailed observations, treatment plans, and reflective practice notes, encouraging a holistic approach to patient care.
  • Student Graduate Patient Checklist: A meticulously designed checklist ensuring you meet all the clinical competencies required for graduation and professional practice.

E2: Mastering the NBDHE: The Ultimate Guide for RDH Success: “A Comprehensive Workbook and Checklist for Aspiring RDHs”

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Designed with the success-driven dental hygiene student in mind, this Ultimate Prep Guide is your indispensable resource for acing the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE). It’s offers a comprehensive framework to bolster your exam preparation with precision and confidence. Here’s what this guide includes:

  • Core Topic Overview: A concise yet thorough review of crucial topics that form the backbone of the NBDHE, ensuring you have a solid grasp of essential concepts and knowledge areas.
  • In-depth Study Guides: Detailed exploration of key subjects, providing insights and understanding that go beyond basic memorization to foster deep comprehension.
  • Check-Off List: Your roadmap to mastering the NBDHE content, this list helps you track your progress across vital study areas, ensuring no important topic is overlooked.


  • 50-Question Practice Test: Sharpen your test-taking skills with a practice exam designed to mirror the NBDHE format. Each question comes with detailed rationales, offering a closer look into the examination’s reasoning and logic.
  • Answer Key with Explanations: Not just correct answers, but a comprehensive breakdown of why choices are right or wrong, helping you learn from mistakes and fine-tune your knowledge.
  • Study Schedule Planner: A customizable planner to organize your study sessions effectively, ensuring you cover all necessary topics well before the exam date.
  • Tips and Strategies Section: Practical advice on tackling exam questions, managing time efficiently, and reducing test anxiety, contributing to your overall test readiness.
  • Reflection and Progress Notes Area: Space for jotting down thoughts, questions, and areas of improvement as you prepare, encouraging a reflective and strategic approach to studying.


For New Graduates

Transitioning from student to professional can be daunting, especially when you’re used to spending 2-3 hours per patient in school and suddenly need to adapt to 1-hour appointments in the real world. Our site provides practical tools and strategies to enhance your clinical skills, ensuring you deliver exceptional care efficiently. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive “go-to” note template to help you maintain meticulous records, keeping your license secure and your practice compliant.

E3: The Elite RDH - Landing Your First Job: A Professional Transition Guide (Coming Soon)

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Designed for the aspiring dental hygienist eager to bridge the gap between academia and professional practice. “The Elite RDH” is not just a book; it’s a comprehensive blueprint for standing out in a competitive job market, whether your path leads to corporate, private practice, temping, or travel dental hygiene. Here’s what sets this guide apart:

  • Comprehensive Transition Strategy: Ten chapters filled with actionable advice, tools, and strategies to smoothly transition from dental hygiene student to esteemed professional.
  • Career Path Insights: In-depth exploration of various dental hygiene career paths, offering clarity and direction whether you’re drawn to corporate dentistry, private practice, temping, or the adventure of travel dentistry.
  • Professional Branding Tips: Guidance on how to develop and present a professional image that distinguishes you from peers, making you the candidate of choice for employers.


  • Resume and Cover Letter Templates: Pre-made templates that highlight your skills and experiences, tailored to the dental hygiene profession, to capture the attention of potential employers.
  • Interview Preparation Guide: Expert tips and techniques to confidently tackle job interviews, including common questions specific to the dental hygiene field.
  • Malpractice Information and Protection: Understand the importance of malpractice insurance and how to choose the right coverage for your career. This guide covers the essentials of malpractice risks, how to mitigate them, and the steps to take if faced with a claim, ensuring your professional integrity and peace of mind.
  • License Protection Note Strategies: Specialized templates and guidelines designed to protect your license, particularly valuable for those working in high-demand environments or as temporary staff across various practices.

E4: Oral Care Millionaire: "Exploring 10 Profitable Avenues for Dental Hygienists,"(Coming Soon)

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Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom” this forward-thinking eBook is your gateway to unparalleled financial success in the oral care industry. Crafted with precision and insight, “Oral Care Millionaire” serves as an invaluable resource for dental hygienists aiming to transcend traditional career boundaries and secure financial freedom. Here’s what this pioneering guide offers:

  • Diverse Income Streams: Detailed exploration of 10 unique and profitable avenues within the oral health sector, from clinical practice to entrepreneurial ventures, each presenting a pathway to substantial income growth.
  • Strategies for Financial Success: Actionable advice on how to effectively tap into these opportunities, including starting your own business, investing in oral care startups, or leveraging digital platforms to reach a global audience.
  • Expertise Leverage Guide: Insights on how to utilize your existing dental hygiene skills and knowledge in innovative ways, expanding your professional impact and income potential.


  • Financial Planning and Management: Essential tips on managing your increased earnings, including investment strategies, savings plans, and financial risk management, to ensure long-term wealth accumulation.
  • Comprehensive List to Companies: A curated list of companies and platforms that facilitate RDHs in exploring these lucrative avenues, including step-by-step guidance on how to get started with each opportunity.
  • Networking and Collaboration Strategies: Advice on building professional networks and forming partnerships that can open doors to new business ventures and collaborative projects in the oral care industry.
  • Marketing Yourself in the Oral Care Industry: Techniques for branding and marketing yourself as a dental hygiene expert, attracting clients, and establishing a strong online presence.


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