ESC Dental Clinic Planner


Designed specifically for the ambitious dental hygiene student, this Clinic Planner is your essential companion for clinical practice and beyond. It’s packed with tools and guides to streamline your learning and patient care. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Assessment Guide: Tailored for dental hygiene, this guide helps you perform thorough evaluations, ensuring you grasp every detail needed for comprehensive patient care.
  • Periodontal Guide: Dive deep into periodontal health with a guide that covers assessment, treatment options, and patient education, all from a dental hygiene perspective.
  • Medical History Guide: A systematic approach to gathering and interpreting patient medical histories, crucial for safe and personalized dental hygiene practices.
  • Patient Intake Form: Efficiently collect all necessary patient information right from the start, setting the foundation for effective treatment planning and care.
  • Patient Calendar: Keep track of appointments, treatments, and follow-ups with an easy-to-manage calendar, helping you balance your clinical requirements and academic schedule.
  • Notes Section: A dedicated space for detailed observations, treatment plans, and reflective practice notes, encouraging a holistic approach to patient care.
  • Student Graduate Patient Checklist: A meticulously designed checklist ensuring you meet all the clinical competencies required for graduation and professional practice.
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