Mastering the NBDHE


Designed with the success-driven dental hygiene student in mind, this Ultimate Prep Guide is your indispensable resource for acing the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE). It’s offers a comprehensive framework to bolster your exam preparation with precision and confidence. Here’s what this guide includes:
  • Core Topic Overview: A concise yet thorough review of crucial topics that form the backbone of the NBDHE, ensuring you have a solid grasp of essential concepts and knowledge areas.
  • In-depth Study Guides: Detailed exploration of key subjects, providing insights and understanding that go beyond basic memorization to foster deep comprehension.
  • Check-Off List: Your roadmap to mastering the NBDHE content, this list helps you track your progress across vital study areas, ensuring no important topic is overlooked.


  • 50-Question Practice Test: Sharpen your test-taking skills with a practice exam designed to mirror the NBDHE format. Each question comes with detailed rationales, offering a closer look into the examination’s reasoning and logic.
  • Answer Key with Explanations: Not just correct answers, but a comprehensive breakdown of why choices are right or wrong, helping you learn from mistakes and fine-tune your knowledge.
  • Study Schedule Planner: A customizable planner to organize your study sessions effectively, ensuring you cover all necessary topics well before the exam date.
  • Tips and Strategies Section: Practical advice on tackling exam questions, managing time efficiently, and reducing test anxiety, contributing to your overall test readiness.
  • Reflection and Progress Notes Area: Space for jotting down thoughts, questions, and areas of improvement as you prepare, encouraging a reflective and strategic approach to studying.
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